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MOTIVATION magazine is designed specifically to serve the Green and Growing person, professional, business, entrepreneur, teacher, coach, mentor, student, and family. MOTIVATION is not only motivational but also instructional in taking a balanced approach to motivation by offering guidance and insight into improving one's entire life.

Delivering on What Green & Growing People Read! Our mission is for MOTIVATION to become the foremost trusted source for personal and professional motivational resources. Total motivation requires developing all areas of your personal and professional life. Each online quarterly issue will focus on nine key areas for achieving balanced motivation (personal, professional, business, entrepreneurship, finance, relationships, education, health and fitness, and service). 

Can You Boost Your Metabolism?
How is it that two people of the same age, gender, and height can eat the same foods and be equally active, but one gains weight while the other loses it? Here's how to Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism - (Slideshow). ...
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Working and Living with PASSION Working and Living with PASSION
  PASSION Is, As PASSION Does. ~ Ty Howard The power of passion is surely an amazing thing. It will propel you to great heights if used correctly. Most of u......
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Motivation to Get Your Personal Finances Back on Track Motivation to Get Your Personal Finances Back on Track
 Are Your Personal or Business Finances in Need of an eXtreme Makeover: Personal Finance EditionTM? Not satisfied with the current status of your finances? D......
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How to Develop and Maintain a 'Green & Growing' Attitude How to Develop and Maintain a 'Green & Growing' Attitude
A lot of people talk about having a positive mental attitude. The phrase has almost become cliché. It is true that having a positive attitude is one of the k......
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Finding and Creating Jobs Finding and Creating Jobs
Never say Never and Don't Give Up! If you are turned down from an opportunity for the standard reasons, "You don't have any experience"; "You are ......
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Financial Freedom: Accidentally Poor, or Purposefully Rich Financial Freedom: Accidentally Poor, or Purposefully Rich
It has been said, "Everything happens for a reason." The same is definitely true when it comes to financial freedom. Everyone has a personal definit......
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2017 Social Media Conference at Disney World
Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communicators. At this conference, you’ll learn how to use social media to develop solid engagement with your brand through social listening, authentic stories and messages your customers and employees can’t wait to share! March 27-29, 2017 at The Yacht Club, Disney World. ...
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Improving Your Image After Being An Absentee Father Improving Your Image After Being An Absentee Father
  The label of absentee father is not a desirable title to have or a noble badge of honor to wear. Society tends to frown upon a man who does not spend time......
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How to Motivate Teachers How to Motivate Teachers
  To be a teacher today is both challenging and demanding. It takes passion, commitment, care and resilience to successfully make it from the first day to the l......
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Get Fresh, It's Not Illegal Get Fresh, It's Not Illegal
  The Need to Offer Fresh Customer Service Early in my professional career as a Frontline Manager, I was bombarded with overly-prescriptive customer service p......
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Intentional Living - Motivation for Making IT Happen Intentional Living - Motivation for Making IT Happen
Intentional Living Is The Healthy & Vibrant Pulse of Life When I am asked what I believe intentional living is, my answer is the same, and it's the theme ......
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Six Simple Acts of Kindness Six Simple Acts of Kindness
   Road Rage. Bullying. Bad customer service. Mudslinging politics. The economy. The price of gasoline...and on and on. The litany of what can make us angr......
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"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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