About MOTIVATION Home Page Ads

About MOTIVATION Home Page Ads

MOTIVATION Home Page Ads is your window into everything the internet has to offer. Get the most popular motivational stories, internet trends, top videos, and access to one of the most powerful positive digital magazines on the internet - all for free. We're able to keep these awesome features free by showing ads on the site.

Types of ads you'll see

We'll show different types of ads in the three uniquely placed areas on the Home Page. Each ad in the Ad Box Area is labeled with "Sponsored," "Promoted by," or "Presented by."

• Article or blog promotions - Ads linking to promoted topics.
• Sponsored content - Ads linking to sponsored stories.
• National Convention or Conference Promotions - Ads linking to national meetings or events.
• Product or service websites - Ads linking to a company's website.

Personalized ads

In addition to sponsored ads, you'll often see ads that are personalized for your experience.

• Ads for similar content to the articles, blogs, and videos you check out.
• Popular ads that others with similar interests liked.
• MOTIVATION products you might enjoy.






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