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Welcome to the MOTIVATION Seal
The Seal will assist and reassure consumers about their product-purchasing decisions when it comes to them buying motivational, inspirational, empowerment, self-help, personal development, professional development, and business products (i.e., books, audio cds, dvds, movies, educational products, training products, and digital products).

About the MOTIVATION Seal

How Our Magazine and the MM Seal Protect You
MOTIVATION magazine will set a new standard for quality and substance, and exercise strict editorial judgment as to products it will accept for advertising in the online magazine (and later digital magazine), and in reviewing all of the advertising copy it publishes. These judgments are the basis that will make the MOTIVATION Seal of Approval the new Standard for quality motivational product moving forward.

The MOTIVATION Seal will not be for sale: it was developed as a service for consumers and only products that pass our strict evaluations can earn our Seal.

Check back soon for more details on our MOTIVATION magazine Seal Review Process.

Review Process #1: MM Seal Product Review – with written product endorsement and advertisement package

Review Process #2: MM Seal Product Review – with written product endorsement

Review Process #3: MM Seal Product Review – ONLY

Review Process #4: Regular MOTIVATION Book Review – not associated with the MM Seal Product Review Process

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