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Online Safety and is committed to providing a safe environment for our subscribed members and site visitors to visit, read, interact and express themselves on positive and

This is a Green & Growing website.

To ensure safe and positive experiences for all users, we have written guidelines for all members and visitors to follow. These guidelines and tips are for everyone who visits our site.

Tips for Parents

Members must be 14 years or older to join our site. If your teenager has just recently started using the internet we encourage you to talk to them about their online experience. You can use these guidelines to start the conversation with your teenager. Please review the Terms of Use with your teenager to ensure that you both understand the rules to which our members (and by extension, you as the parent of a teen under 18 years of age) are subject.

Not everyone on the site should be trusted.

Community based internet sites are just like neighborhoods except that they are online - make sure you take caution in sharing information with and interacting with other members on our site. * See our additional quick tips lists below.

Make sure your child does not lie about his or her age.

In real life, you probably wouldn't let your child lie about his or her age to get into a club. Don't let them lie about their age online! Members must be 14 years or older to join the site. We have an age restriction because there are certain areas of the site that may not be appropriate for those less than 14 years old. If your teens lie about their age they may be exposed to mature and potentially inappropriate content.

Talk to your teens about the dangers of giving personal information to strangers.

Although we are a community based site and we make every effort to remove inappropriate members, your teens should understand the dangers of sharing and posting personal information on an open community website. This is a free site that anyone can access and personal info should not be given to strangers. Don't let your teens give personal information to strangers online!

Talk to your teens about what to do if they are bullied or harassed by another member.

No one has a right to bully or harass another member. Talk to your teens about what to do if someone harasses them or sends them unwanted emails. To report a member for harassment, please click on the Contact Us link and send us your report immediately.

We developed the guidelines stated above to help you understand that situations that happen in the real world can also happen in online. Go online, surf the internet, learn the lingo your teens are using. This will allow you to have a continuous, open dialogue with them about who they are meeting and who they are talking to in the real world and online. This will help your teens stay safe in the real world and online.

For more information about internet safety please visit the following sites:

Consider Utilizing Parental Control Software

Software is available that allows parents to add controls that block certain websites. The software can also filter content so that parents can prevent children from viewing information that they do not think is appropriate. Many of these options are available to you for free. If you perform an online search using "parental control software you will see your options.

Tips for Adults is a healthy and positive place for you to read quality online content and express yourself. Before you get started, we recommend that you read the following guidelines that are designed to help you have a positive experience and be safe while on our site.

Think before you submit!

This is a pubic environment and anyone will be able to see what you add to our site, when you choose to share and post your comment / opinion on our site. Do you want your family members, friends, co-workers or potential employers to see what you have written? Think about this before you add anything.

People can be mean!

There are some people who join the site just so they can instigate and annoy other members. Don't fall into the trap of responding back with negativity. Click on the Contact Us link to promptly report the violation and WE will investigate the situation.

Don't use a provocative username.

Other members may get the wrong idea about who you are and what your intentions are. Additionally, accounts with inappropriate names violate our Terms of Uses and will be shut down.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Some people make stuff up and there are a few people who join the site in an attempt to make a quick buck. Protect yourself from scams. Don't give other members money, credit card information or any other financial information.

Don't lie about your age!

We ask for your age for a reason - to protect you from mature and potentially inappropriate content. Lying about your age violates our Terms of Use and will result in your account being terminated.

Don't be a Bully!

This is a community based site and we encourage members to freely express themselves. Don't harass or bully another member if you disagree with their comment, feedback, opinion or a forum post.

No one, including us, likes a bully. If you act like one, we will shut your membership account down immediately. If you feel there is content on our site that violates one of our Terms of Use, click on the Contact Us link, report it immediately, and our member services team will investigate and take prompt appropriate action.

Don't mimic negative behavior.

We are a community based site and this is your opportunity to show the world who you are and what you care about. Don't disrespect yourself or others by posting inappropriate content of any kind.

Posts that have inappropriate comments and content violate our Terms of Use and are shut down almost as quickly as they are set up.

Still have questions or suggestions about online safety? Click here to send a message to our Member Safety Team. To learn more about Internet safety please visit:

Beware of "Phishing" Attacks

A phishing attack occurs when someone fraudulently tries to obtain personal information from you such as your user name and password. When you log into the site always make sure or is in the URL. We ask for your username and password when you wish to post a comment or want share information while on our site, we don’t ask for it anywhere else. If anyone other than or asks you for your username and password, please alert us immediately by promptly sending us a message through our Contact Us page.

Use your common sense and trust your instinct.

Interacting with members online for the first time is just like meeting a stranger in a club or bar. Think about what you would do or tell someone about yourself when you first meet them. Use the same guidelines and the same common sense when you first meet someone on the internet.

Don't use a provocative username.

Other members may get the wrong idea about who you are and what your intentions are. Additionally, accounts with inappropriate names violate our Terms of Uses and will be shut down.

Take care in giving out your real name, your address or phone number.

Be cautious about how much information you share about yourself while on our site.

Trust yourself. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Although we have great and wonderful members you should be wary of those who may be making up grand stories to trick you into believing they are someone they are not.

Don't post any nudity.

Posting nudity, even if it is in the form of artistic expression, may be misinterpreted by others. Members may get the wrong idea about who you are and what your intentions are. Additionally, accounts with inappropriate photos will be shut down immediately.

To learn more about Internet safety please visit:

All these guidelines are put in place to remind you to use your common sense when using the internet. Remember you are in CONTROL!

Here are some other ways you can protect yourself online:

Additional – Quick List of Safety Tips

Not everyone on the Internet has the same goals as you. So, be smart and take a peek at the following online safety tips.

1. Don't forget that any comment or content that you post is being posted in an online public community.

2. People aren't always who they say they are. Be careful about how you respond to or interact with strangers.

3. Harassment, hate speech and inappropriate content should be reported ASAP.

4. Don't use a provocative or negative username.

5. Understand what you put online will be there forever.

6. Don't post anything that would embarrass you later.

7. Don't mislead people into thinking that you're older or younger.

8. Don't post inappropriate content.

9. Be leery of personal questions from strangers.

10. If you’re new to being online, talk to family and friends about Internet Safety.

11. Never reveal personal - identifiable - information online.

12. Never share your password with other people.

13. Never arrange meetings with strangers.

14. If you’re a Teen, follow the Internet use rules your parents and school have established.

15. Visit online safety websites.

16. Don't believe everything you read or see online.

17. Don't download files or software without your parents' permission.

18. Don't respond to inappropriate messages or emails.

19. Don't be bullied into fights (online or offline).

To learn more about online safety, please visit these other resources:

Community Guidelines

1. Be respectful and civil to other members, even if you disagree with them.

2. Any unacceptable content (including but not limited to posts, user names, or subject lines) will be deleted.

3. We do not allow harassing, threatening, racist, abusive, hateful, violent, vulgar, or obscene language or behavior.

4. Participation in, encouragement, or suggestion of any illegal behavior is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of posting privileges, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

5. No articles, news reports, or other copyrighted material may be posted without the permission of the relevant copyright owners.

6. Flooding or spamming on the site is not permitted.

7. No commercial solicitation or advertising will be allowed.

8. This is a public discussion forum. Do not post personal or any other identifying information, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. Also, do not post any personal information about a third party without that person’s explicit consent.

9. Please keep in mind that other users may claim expert status (legal, medical, etc.) that they do not, in fact, possess. We encourage you to use discretion in following their advice.

10. All posted content may be used by Knots Free Media in any and all media, including (but not limited to) Websites, magazines, and books. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

For more information please send an email to:


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