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The Motivated, and Green & Growing Consumer

The Motivated, and Green & Growing consumer is an important segment for marketers — audience size, growth in buying power, increased digital usage and social influence are driving the need to connect with and build lasting relationships with this always learning and purpose-driven audience.

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Knots Free Media offers marketers a customized platform for reaching the Motivated, and Green & Growing consumer. Advertising programs combine unique approaches to social network marketing on MOTIVATIONmagazine, as well as, integrated brand experiences across our premier content and event platforms — MOTIVATIONmagazineonline, MotivationalBOOM, and TheMotivationalBOOM.

Knots Free Media brings marketing partners experience, reach and relevancy, as well as a full suite of capabilities that drive results.

  • Integrated editorial programs and sponsorships
  • Viral marketing initiatives
  • Branded social networking experiences
  • Rich media and advanced targeting capabilities
  • High impact branding opportunities
  • Customized offline events


A Balanced Approach: MOTIVATION magazine is not only motivational but also instructional in taking a balanced approach to motivation by offering guidance and insight into improving one’s entire life. Our sole mission is for MOTIVATION to become the foremost trusted source for personal and professional motivational resources. Total motivation requires developing all areas of your personal and professional life, and each quarterly issue will focus on nine key areas for achieving balanced motivation: personal, professional, business, entrepreneurship, finance, relationships, education, health and fitness, and service. Delivering on — What Green & Growing People Read!

Social Content: A unique diverse digital experience combining rich Green & Growing content with social engagement.

Targeting Motivated, and Green & Growing People: Knots Free Media increases efficiency by targeting media impressions to specific geography, demos, time and interests.

Custom Solutions: Knots Free Media creates high impact, custom opportunities for advertisers.


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