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Chris Livingston is a man whose positive attitude is contagious.

After starting his first business at the age of 19 Chris has since then owned and operated several successful business in the Construction, Transportation and Retail industry. Chris is the creator of Maximum ThinkingTM The Standard of Peak Performers and co-author of his best-selling book The Pathways to Success, A Better Way for Your Life Today. Chris has become a highly sought after Personal and Business consultant and has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs reach levels they once only dreamed of. He’s also an adjunct instructor at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College where he teaches several courses on entrepreneurship. Chris Recently founded Livingston Global an educational company dedicated to helping businesses and individuals grow and prosper. Even in the most turbulent times Chris believes any business or individual can succeed if they are willing to think outside of the box and become a Maximum ThinkerTM.

Matched equally to that human touch is the diversity of Life/Business experience that Chris brings to the table.

Ranging from the Real Estate Industry to the Transportation Industry (C&C Limousine Co) to the Retail Industry (The Book of Knowledge Bookstore) and even the Arts (a small string of High-end Tattoo Studios), Chris has met, shook hands and broke bread with business achievement and personal success in all her most expansive, exciting forms and in almost every conceivable walk of life and has graciously, unselfishly and humbly shared his keys to the American Dream with everyone along his road. From the homeless man pushing his shopping cart to the Multi-Millionaire Wheeler-Dealer pushing his Ferrari, Chris has worked with them all, giving each individual the same energy, enthusiasm and positive, motivating spirit along with sharing his resourceful knowledge and time tested methods and he has done so to the great benefit of everyone he's touched as he confidently urged, pushed, uplifted, enlightened and then ultimately led to their own personal success story.


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