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Making the Most of Your Spring Semester in 3 Steps
Sylvia Baffour

You can pat yourself on the back for having successfully completed your Fall Semester. Now it’s time to spring into action and make this semester even better than the last in all aspects of your campus life.

The following 3 steps will help you create positive momentum to ensure that this semester is as much a success or greater than your previous one:

1) Set Specific Goals for Yourself

If you were to look back at the end of this Spring Semester, what would success look like for you? In other words, what are the specific things you would have hoped to achieve? Write down the top 3-5 things you would have accomplished and write them out (on a sticky note) in the past tense as if they’d already happened. Firmly attach the note to the back of your cell phone, to the corner of your TV or any place that tends to get your daily attention. Seeing these goals daily, in the past tense, will have a positive impact on you actually achieving them.

2) Make Sure Your Professors Know You Personally in a Positive Way

If you haven’t already done this, introduce yourself to all your professors and make it a point to show up at their office during office hours. This will allow your professor to know that you are genuinely interested in their class. If they know you personally, you will feel more accountable and that could translate into good grades at the end of the semester.

3) Keep a Healthy Balance of Your Campus Life

Working towards good grades is very important, but with that in mind, commit to getting involved in at least one new activity on campus this semester. This will provide you with some mental relief away from the books (so you don’t get burnout before your finals) and will also increase your chances of meeting new people who may bring fresh perspectives and an exciting balance to your life on campus.

About the Author:

Sylvia Baffour is one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the fields of college planning, professional and self-development and leadership. She is co-author of How to Be a Super Achiever a book that provides readers with useful strategies for unleashing their own success. She is also the creator of the Leaping Beyond BarriersTM Training System which focuses on helping people and organizations to move out of their own way and in the direction of improving their outlooks, performance, innovation, and results.

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The MOTIVATION "Key Takeaways" for this article:

College: Making the Most of Your Spring Semester in 3 Steps

1. Set Specific Goals for Yourself

2. Make Sure Your Professors Know You Personally in a Positive Way

3. Keep a Healthy Balance of Your Campus Life



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